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Empowerment, Leadership & Growth


Christina’s unwavering willingness to figure out what she was capable of, why she was here, and how she could positively impact and serve those around her, led her to transition from being a legal executive manager in law firms, shipping companies, investment funds and multinational corporations, to become a successful high performance coach, mentor, trainer and mindset expert.

Her experience, working alongside wildly successful entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals, esteemed executives and top professionals around the world for over 15 years, made her realise that our true essence and purpose lies within and our capability to show up, speak up and stand up for ourselves is dependent on our level of self-awareness and confidence, our leadership and communication skills, and our emotional regulation and resilience. It is all about being and feeling happy, calm and fulfilled on the inside rather than looking perfect, strong and successful on the outside. It's about becoming more, owning our story, loving ourselves, being proud for who we are, grateful for what we have and fulfilled for what we do. The final element though, is about making a contribution to the people around us thus shifting from success to significance.

Christina is a coach, mentor and trainer to high performers and aspiring leaders, eager to be seen, heard, understood, and recognized, empowering them to take ownership of their choices, level up their mindset, regulate their emotions and be fearless in taking action towards their goals and dreams. She encourages and supports them to level up personally and professionally so that they become the best version of themselves. The key to her success, and that of her clients, is her innovative, proven and tested 5C Success Formula which is highly impactful and transformational.  

Her method of mentoring and teaching is built on a foundation of 15+ years of experience, working as a business lawyer in fast pace, multicultural, executive environments, interviewing potential hires, negotiating cross border business transactions, working with high profile clients and high net worth individuals around the world as well as on the skills she developed while reinventing herself, overcoming her personal challenges, following her dreams and building her coaching business. Christina's life was full of twists and turns - she chose to bounce back bold and stronger, learn, grow, evolve and transform. These challenges were merely the stepping stone to her personal and professional comeback, signified her evolution, and have been blessings in disguise for which she is forever grateful.


For Christina,  mindset, skillset, and actionset are our most valuable assets. It is our free will and choice, however, that determine if we actually use them as assets; if not, they rust, become our greatest liabilities and the source of most, if not all, of our problems. Christina considers joy, peace, love, service and fulfilment the ultimate success formula. She wants to leave her legacy of walking the talk and leading by example. She considers vulnerability, integrity and authenticity, her ultimate values. She praises the significance of introspection and lifelong learning in loving yourself, realising your dreams and becoming authentic, happy, fulfilled, and resilient. Her mission is to inspire and influence people to realise their true essence, live authentically and unapologetically, become who they deserve to be, and shine bright and thrive in their own unique way!

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