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Meet Christina Aristidou
Success & Resilience Coach

Christina is an expert in personal transformation helping people achieve boundless success in all areas of their lives. Christina is a firm believer that the traditional definition of 'success' is no longer relevant. Real success is now defined not by how much we achieve or have but instead by how happy and proud we are for who we have become. It is not linked to external forms of satisfaction but is rather  a journey towards self-growth and progress. It's a personal bet to love and accept ourselves, forgive our mistakes and unlock our full potential. Only then we can really shine bright and  thrive..!

So, one may think, how come? A NDE back in 2019 following a severe blood clot was Christina's absolute turning point that made her turn within and start working on her personal development! She was determined to take this priceless second chance, change everything that was no longer serving her and make a bold bounce back! Through coaching, she re-discovered herself, adopted a positive mindset and indulged into self-love practices that changed everything within and around her.

Following her breakthrough, Christina qualified as a Certified Professional Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation, she is working towards qualifying on the ACC level and is also  writing her first book on resilience and success which is to be published in 2023. Christina transcended from being a successful corporate lawyer with over 13 years of expertise into a full time success coach committed to inspire high-achievers to re-arrange their lives and schedules around what is really important to them, tackle any challenges they may face that hinder their success so that they experience joy, freedom, peace of mind and be confident, positive and vibrant! The decision to love ourselves first and foremost and live authentically and unapologetically in the now is really the key to success!

So, are you ready to become unstoppable? Are you ready to elevate yourself and your life? Now or later? You are one choice away and the choice is yours..!


"Everybody is a masterpiece and yet a work in progress at the same time."

Peter Crone

"Christina is a wonderful coach to work with! Curious, empathetic, a very good listener, she quickly helped me get a clear picture of my goals, personal and professional, and got me into committing to specific actions in order to achieve them. She was there to celebrate my every success  which helped me build more and more self-confidence. I truly recommend Christina as a coach! Every session with her is an unforgettable experience!"

-Kinga C., Romania

"Coaching is a challenging process which needs determination and discipline. With the right coach you will be able to achieve anything you have in mind. Christina is one of these coaches and can help you moving towards your goals. She is professional and friendly; she guides you to find your answers within and gets excited for your results!"

-Nasia K., Cyprus

"Coaching is quite an experience and the best thing I ever did for myself. Christina was phenomenal with uncovering my ego and limiting beliefs. I managed to become more aware of what I really want in particular areas of my life and through commitment and action I have achieved more I could ever imagine! Christina, thank you so much for accompanying me in this journey, your contribution has been immeasurable throughout!"

-Anna S., UK

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who is the only person that can stop you?

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What brings you here?
What would you like to achieve and why?
How do you define success?
What stops you from living the life of your dreams?
How will  it be when you shine bright and thrive?

"Own Youself, Honour Yourself, Re-Create Yourself as many times as you need to!"
Christina Aristidou
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